There are two events related to handling incoming notifications, when notification is received and the other when the notification is clicked. 

When notification is received (only when the app is open or in background)

// Should be called once app receive the notification [foreground/background]
window.plugins.PushbotsPlugin.on("notification:received", function(data){
console.log("received:" + JSON.stringify(data));

//iOS: [foreground/background]
console.log("notification received from:" + data.cordova_source);
//Silent notifications Only [iOS only]
//Send CompletionHandler signal with PushBots notification Id

When notification is clicked  

window.plugins.PushbotsPlugin.on("notification:clicked", function(data){
// var userToken = data.token;
       // var userId = data.userId;
  console.log("clicked:" + JSON.stringify(data));
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