Required before Integrating the SDK 

  • PushBots account.
  • PushBots Application ID.
  • iOS Push Certificate (How?
  • Real IOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Simulator doesn't support push notifications.
  •  Latest xcode version (xcode 11+

Step 1: Creating Notification Service Extension

The Notification Service Extension modifies the notification content by adding actions, push polls and allows you to take advantage of iOS 10+ notification features, to create it follow steps in this link.

Step 2: Import the Pushbots SDK into your Xcode project:


Using Cocoapods:

Step 3: Add PushBots code and Enable push notifications: 

1. Enable Push Notifications in the Capabilities section 

2. Enable "Remote notifications" for Background Modes in the Capabilities section. [Xcode 8+]

3. Open AppDelegate initialize Pushbots framework in didFinishLaunchingWithOptions, and replace PUSHBOTS_APPID  with your from application settings:

Objective-c  AppDelegate.m 

#import <Pushbots/Pushbots.h>
[Pushbots initWithAppId:@"PUSHBOTS_APPID" withLaunchOptions:launchOptions];

Swift Appdelegate.swift 

import Pushbots
Pushbots.initWithAppId("PUSHBOTS_APPID", withLaunchOptions: launchOptions)

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